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June : Golden Words Award!

ProjectComment's Award: Golden Words
~ for June ~

Congratulations CameronKobe!

Congratulations CameronKobe for being the sixth recipient of 2016 to receive our eighth ProjectComment Award, Golden Words!

"Cameron is a rockstar. He never shies away from an opportunity to help someone out. And when he offers help, he means business: every comment is thoughtfully worded, loaded with advice and compassion for his fellow artists. Working with him is nothing short of a joy because of his passion for art and tireless dedication to those around him." ~ astarayel

"Cameron was a wonderful admin- always kind, available, and willing to help. Never faltering in their commitment to others. Cameron was the one who gave me a lot of confidence in both my role here as admin and in my art, and for that I shall always be grateful to them for that, and will always consider them a friend.

Cameron was duteous in their role as Comment Tag Admin, always there and enthusiastic about everyone's involvement. As a commenter, Cameron was kind, prompt and detailed. Always giving advice in a kind way that related to not only that particular work, but overall advice that was always helpful." ~ Kaotic-Cass

"Cameron is probably one of the friendliest people I've met here in dev. I love Comment Tag and now ICT- those are the games that I am active on and got me into Project Comment. To me it is important that the managers or admins of a group keep in touch with the members and when it comes to Cameron I have nothing to complain about. My questions were always answered and it was always fun to discuss changes and improvements with Cameron and because we all worked together to make Comment Tag and ITC better, both games became a very enjoyable experience." ~ KokoKiero

"CameronKobe is a commenting veteran, an awesome person, and a great artist. They share their knowledge with others through the great feedback they give, and have been contributing a great many things to ProjectComment and the DeviantArt community. Cameron is a very kind deviant who I wouldn't want to miss from DeviantArt." ~ Riemea

"...their skill in commenting is matched by their skill with illustration. Thank you for being such a big and fantastic part of this group, CameronKobe." ~ meaty-nosebleeds

"CameronKobe was pretty active reminding players who forgot to comment so the tagline was on schedule... When commenting, I like how they play with words to compliment the artist and drop helpful suggestions. It's fun reading their comment ^^" ~ fireytika

"...he was a great admin who answered my questions very clearly and fast. The management of the Tag games always seemed very smooth to me. Whenever I was late with my own comments, his reminders were very useful and remained friendly. I think he had a great attitude as an admin in this group despite being in this position and having to manage this much." ~ MiMikuChair

"Cameron gave the friendly and happy vibe! There are admins and others, who are in charge, who are really intimidating, but that was not the case with him! He always is really sweet and understanding! It feels that you are talking with a close friend instead of the head of project! His personality is one of the greatest things ever!

Comment Tag was always on point, and that was just thanks to him! But even when somebody was being late or something, he was really understanding and able to find a way out from any of the situation!

Honestly there are only good things to say! I couldn't think of single bad one even if I had to! And that means something!" ~ Dianamisu

"CameronKobe is a really great person. I remembered when I first joined the group, they were very helpful in the Comment Tag game that I used to do for a while. They also have some great artwork as well..." ~ DoubleDandE

"Cameron is a very helpful and polite person out there who readily keeps commenting on other deviants' artwork. His valuable and comprehensive comments giving light on many aspects of the artwork have greatly influenced us and the other deviants also. He is the perfect person to receive this award." ~ Tudalia

"CameronKobe is just one of those people I have great respect for. He is very kind and helpful, and when it comes to the management of Comment Tag (for as long as I've been participating in it), this marvelous person has done a smashing job!

I feel sometimes that he's a one person army managing the Comment Tag. He's very kind (already said that) and very encouraging to others, but he's also very firm.

I don't want to sound flattering (I don't do flattery) towards the extremely dear (and very much skilled in digital art) CameronKobe, but he/she's among the greatest deviants on this site (and I keep a list... literally)." ~ Cyres1

"I wish for Cameron to follow their dreams and to keep improving with every step you take. Good luck in all his or her endeavours!" ~ FreeingMyAngelWings

Thank you UszatyArbuz for creating this award for ProjectComment.


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Gallery at a Glance - Sign Up Now!

Thu Jun 30, 2016, 9:46 AM by KokoKiero:iconkokokiero:
Welcome to ProjectComment’s Gallery at a Glance! If you sometimes feel a little lost on your artistic journey, if you would like a fresh pair of eyes to help you pinpoint where your strengths and weaknesses are, or if you would just like to know the impression that your art leaves on other viewers, come join us for a round (or two)! :la:

Gallery at a Glance is for visual art only. For constructive comments on literature, please visit one of our other projects.

How This Works

  • Once you have signed up, everyone is sorted into groups of three.

  • You will be prompted, via note, to go to two gallery pages and leave one constructive comments each within a week of being prompted - if your group members have questions for you, these will be indicated in the note.

  • Your comments must be at least 100 words of deviation-related content. Your group members questions and your introduction do not count towards this word limit.
    Your comment will not be accepted if they are under 100 words.

Constructive Commenting?

While we expect these comments to be constructive in order to help artists' growth, we also want to help artists see what their viewers are seeing. Be honest and tell them your first impressions, thoughts, and feelings. If an artist has a lot of different mediums, different subject matters, or their style changes, you can still look for general strengths, weaknesses and themes, and offer your insight on how you see their art evolving and changing.

Some questions to keep in mind when commenting:

  • How has the artist improved? In what areas?

  • What overall impression do I get? What themes do I see?

  • Are they good at telling stories? Are they good at experimentation? Are they good at making one piece flow into the other? What are they good at?

  • Are there similar issues in several pieces? What are they and how could the artist improve?

  • Are there similar colour schemes or compositions used throughout the gallery? What other similarities and differences do you notice?

  • Overall, what do the pieces tell me about the artist?

Which Direction?

Take note of what the artist is going for, and try to help them along in the direction that they want to go. For example, if someone’s gallery is full of animal art, it is not helpful to tell them “you should branch out into humans” or “you need to focus more on environments”. Instead, help them improve on the areas that they are working within. Feel free to use specific examples and refer to pieces in order to make sure that the artist knows what you’re talking about!

Sign Up Now!

  • Choose a folder or page from your gallery that you would like to have evaluated.

  • Reply to this journal and link us to your chosen folder or page.

  • State whether you would like the comments on the gallery page itself, or elsewhere (state where). If you do not state where you would like the comment your group members will be encouraged to leave it on the gallery page.

  • Make sure to include any specific questions you would like to have answered. Please keep your questions to a 5 limit maximum.

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Rouge-Fox Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Student Writer
I left this comment on this piece: A small, winged, heart by BriskHound

I must admit while I have not played the game Team Fortress 2 I am actually very familiar with it's lore so this strikes me as something both hilarious and oddly heartwarming. What makes it even more adorable is how seamless it looks, the head whilst not the medics (or even anything human) doesn't look out of place on the body, in fact it looks like this could be a real part of the game. Some of the body anatomy look a bit choppy but that's more in line with how the actual game graphics are rather than any mistake on your part I am sure.

So all in all quite an adorable piece where we see the medic's spirit animal take physical manifestation, at least that's one way to look at it of course it could just as easily be a very funny visual (which it also is.) Either way I think it's hilariously adorable and I am happy to have seen it, good show.

I hope that is sufficient enough for Lunar Wolf to get in?
DoctorSiggy Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the invitation! :) 
Squittens Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Student General Artist
Oh wow, thank you for allowing me to join this group, its a honor!

:D (Big Grin) 
(1 Reply)
rex-raxon Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Thank you Avatar-new-deviant Hi! 
(1 Reply)
berseh Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hi, I feel flattered to have been proposed, but
don't you think my stuff (100% for mature viewers) is a bit too extreme for your group?
It's true I like to comment and I like comments, but I'm not sure it is the right crowd for you. Please enlighten me :)
(1 Reply)
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