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Welcome to ProjectComment!

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Welcome to ProjectComment!

We give and get constructive comments, guaranteed,
with the following values in mind:
:la: Interchange to restore balance – comment for comment, positive and negative, give and take.
:la: Inclusion to accept all – every commenter, every art, regardless of skill or artist.
:la: Interaction to nurture together – educate, engage, elevate.

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Comment Tag ~ Tag, you're it! Every comment given means a comment received.

Gallery at a Glance ~ Give & Get Comments about our Galleries!

Quick Comments ~ Burning questions? This is for you!

Weekly Commenting ~ Submit unlimited deviations into our Gallery - we bring the commenting to you (via Notes), once a week, every week!

Make Mistakes! We're Happy to Help!

To both give and get comments is no easy task, but, with the many projects that we have here, we hope that you find something that works best for you. If not, why not make a suggestion by noting us?

Additionally, if you have any questions or anything else at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! :la:

September : Golden Words Award!

ProjectComment's Award: Golden Words
~ for September ~

Congratulations Jooleya!

Jooleya is an inspiring commenter, artist and all-round deviant! Not only are her comments worthy of recognition, her artwork is too. Jooleya's willingness to help others, learn from others and more is clearly evident. We are thankful for having Jooleya in this group, and look forward to both her comments and her art!

Congratulations Jooleya for being the ninth recipient of 2016 to receive our eleventh ProjectComment Award, Golden Words!

Thank you UszatyArbuz for creating this award for ProjectComment.


More Exposure

Past Articles:
{#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12 , #14

More Exposure 15


Mackenzie and Kesha by CatsareCuteWMKM
Helping Hand by WolfieDonnell
Jungle (sketchbook drawing) by LuckyStarhun
Duality (Two Souls) by slestualenergie
Specter Cell by slestualenergie
Pink Goddess {Misc Girl Portraits} by GarBageDisp0sal
Character Art-Aqua Rosa by T-mack56
Something's Wrong...Terribly WrongSomething is wrong. Terribly wrong in the world we are living in.
Land of the free home of the brave my behind.
More like land of slaves and the hole in which our ancestors died to keep.
Is it really our ancestors or the people who you used to spit on?
The people who you stole their land from?
The people who you used to beat and whip to get your bread huh?
We are all slaves call it a conspiracy. I call it truth –  nowadays we call it youth without youth.
I had a dream where my next door neighbor wouldn’t beat me just because we didn’t look the same.
I am vain.
You are vain.
We all are vain.
I don’t need to be Superman or Lois Lane to know that something is wrong with us man!
We look to processed fiber greens to satisfy our filthy needs.
I’m tired of being a semi-processed military brand good who’s only desire is to kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten.
Is this really my american dream?
Do I really want to bleed and die for bigger things?
No. Inste

Alone: AsylumMany Centuries Ago
The old woman traced the symbols across the paper. Sacred symbols, passed down by the priestesses for centuries. Only they could make them, the sacred papers to purify blighted spirits.
She was ninety-six now, but she never ceased her task. The shrines must always be stocked with the sacred writings, and more must be saved for the priestesses. Somewhere, her own daughter was making the papers too, and no doubt her grandchildren were putting them to good use, laying to rest those souls trapped by the dark portals.
She sorted some papers into neat stacks. Ket, to break the chains. Tekil, to dispel. Aniv, to cleanse. Koma, illumination. Yie, to comfort.
As the woman dipped her pen back into the inkwell, the doors behind her opened. A cold gust of wind scattered the neatly stacked papers, extinguishing the candles. In the center of the shrine, the Eternal Flame flickered as one of the papers flew into it.
In her youth, the old woman would have leapt to her feet. Perh

Foosha by fireytika

Submit your deviations to our More Exposure folder for more exposure on our front page and a featured news article!
:pointr: Submission limit: 5/week

Consider commenting on these pieces as you may discover new favorite artists!

Gallery Folders

Visual Guide to ProjectComment by 3wyl
Give and Get 1 Comment, 6-7 Lines
Terezi by Karagna
Sakura by Diylion
Senran Kagura: Samurai War - Tetsumasu by MCN51FJ
Senran Kagura: Samurai War - Ryuga by MCN51FJ
Give and Get 2 Comments, 6-7 Lines
The Traveller, re-coloured by KlickWitch
All Work and No Play... by kmkibble75
Basile from head to toe by Crocosansk
Katara Creative Bend by KlickWitch
Give and Get 1 Comment, 7+ Lines
Just a  warrior girl of the desert. by Neonxus17
Cat girl V2 by Zazoreal
Hello Father... by AshVanGuard
Incoming trouble by Punin10did
Give and Get 2 Comments, 7+ Lines
It's not over by UltimateEquilibrium
Scuba Station by DTKinetic
-Shadow of a Phage- by RiEile
Navy Blue by Alexandxr
Other Submissions
Vengeful Spirit by karatefinch
Himitsu Kessha Poster by alston123
Sky by addictedtopunk
The Creature in the Swamp Lineart by MSSeymour
:constructive: by a-kid-at-heart
Lil'comment by Amarantheans
Constructivecomment by Amarantheans
:Constructive: by stuck-in-suburbia
Past Shorter, 1 Comment
Character Sketch Wisteria by AwkwardQuetzals
Senran Kagura: Samurai War - Samehada by MCN51FJ
Creep Life by The-MadR
MechDragon by Kenisu-of-Dragons
Past Longer, 1 Comment
Idol Asuna in Fields by Tirius99
-Pterodactylus antiquus- by RiEile
Unbowed by AshVanGuard
A small Gift for Chezzy~ by MimiChair
Past Submissions - 2016
Crossbow Taser by Charlene-Art
ID by animelover5ful
Myrmie Pointing by aj-art89
Final Life by illusionFlex
Past Submissions - Prior 2016
FREE dA logo Avatar by SirCassie
Raiden (Metal Gear Rising) by Eternal--Art
We bring back what is forgotten by TheStarlightPrincess
Explorer by NineFireStar


The Lion Cub of Cintra - Pencil Portrait (UPDATED) by Jooleya
Lady of the Worlds - Pencil Drawing (Ciri) by Jooleya
Gaming Ciri! =D by Jooleya
Geralt of Rivia - Pencil Drawing by Jooleya
No Constructive Comments
The Troublemakers Space Outfit Redesign by ChameleonCove
Kingfisher by byLysi
Pokemon B/W - Clash of Ideals and Truths Cover by Tears-of-Xion
Paper Doll... by sutoroberikurimu
More Exposure
[Commission] Exile Fillios - Redesign by WolfieDonnell
Darkness by KatrinaTiaJasmine
MLP Character Commission by KatrinaTiaJasmine
Male Anthro Commission by KatrinaTiaJasmine
Comment Guides
Questions Answered
Past No Constructive Comments
senshu by saiyron
Circus Marionette by SukizukiIzuna
ThIs Is Perfect by karatefinch
Soryil Aglthorim by Veryek
Comment and Art Contest - dAhub and PComment
Because 'Black and White' Is So Mainstream by Tuntalm
Plum Blossom Bells by RegularDestiny
Lotuseaters by MoonFey
OC: Alexander Asmaroth [Dark Angel] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
Comment Support Group
OC: Eva Crying by AnonymousnessAnomaly
Gleeok by Eruanna17
Archangel's Destiny- Serena Markhaven by FreeingMyAngelWings
The Surface by MoonFey

Weekly Poll #74 : Out of the below options, what's your favourite journal activity in our group? 

146 deviants said I don't know any, but I will go and take part in one now! :la:
72 deviants said Comment Tag
52 deviants said Gallery at a Glance
48 deviants said Quick Comments
29 deviants said Comment Wars
26 deviants said No Constructive Comments

Countdown to the start of our Chat Event!

Wednesday, September 28th @ 5:30pm

As a result of our Nominate a Commenter + Win 100 Points project, we will be announcing the winners of those 100 :points: and bringing you features of our great commenters every month!

Week of 6th - 20th August

Congratulations scorpion016 for winning 100 :points:!

Wolf Type Anatomy and Colors by Chikara-Redwing Designated Girl Fight by Chikara-Redwing
Mathaeis 2016 by Chikara-Redwing

Feature of Great Commenters!

Ciyradyl, dailydragonlair, Doodle-of-the-day, DoubleDandE, FriedSoup, Jooleya, KionaAura, Lupinalia, Ly-s, MaddieBat, NarutoCrypt, Nope-Engineer, PolymerWantACracker, RayneSweetheart, Saphirone-Arnes, Zitruseis

Vintage by Ciyradyl

Night in the forest by Doodle-of-the-day
The Wuskie by DoubleDandE
Black Hair Squad by FriedSoup
Father and Daughter - Ciri Pencil Portrait by Jooleya
Slio and Aquio by KionaAura
The Warmth After The Storm by Lupinalia
Noctillia by Ly-s
I Think About.... by MaddieBat
OC- Loar by NarutoCrypt
The Gateway To The Soul by Nope-Engineer
Guerilla Marketing by PolymerWantACracker
[Fanart] Love Live NicoNicoNiii by RayneSweetheart
Space Marine : a human moment. by Saphirone-Arnes
Comfort by Zitruseis

Week of 20th August - 3rd September

Congratulations J-Cody for winning 100 :points:!

Anatomy Study by J-Cody The Kiss by J-Cody
The Pirate Jones by J-Cody

Feature of Great Commenters!

AuburnZero, Blue-Forest-Phoenix, Chikara-Redwing, EllieSphaera, Ferncraft, Fluffy-fez, Kotarow, Ly-s, RetSamys, Tuntalm, waltervan00, Zazoreal

Homecoming by AuburnZero
No Face by Blue-Forest-Phoenix
Gameshow (final) by Chikara-Redwing
Between Worlds by EllieSphaera
If Only It Was Easy by Ferncraft
Redrawn modern 60s fashion by Fluffy-fez
Superboy by Kotarow
Love me like you do 2/2 by Ly-s
Leo and Luna by RetSamys
A Major Drawback in Our Existence by Tuntalm
There are hunters about. by waltervan00
I See Your Future by Zazoreal

If you would like the chance to win 100 :points: or be featured,
nominate a commenter now!

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