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Welcome to ProjectComment!

We encourage every artist and commenter, regardless of art or skill, to give and get constructive comments through our projects. Each project (featured below) has its own guidelines and take place in our Journals. If you believe in our mission, support us and comment, comment, comment! :heart:

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Visual Guide to ProjectComment by 3wyl ProjectComment InformationProjectComment has been an active group since 2009 to give you the constructive comments you deserve!
We have many projects that encourage our awesome members to give comments and get comments. These projects involve workshops, features, chat events, contests and, more importantly, systems that rely on interchange, inclusion and interaction.
To both give and get comments is no easy task, but, with the many projects that we have here, we hope that you find something that works best for you. If not, why not make a suggestion by noting us?
Additionally, if you have any questions or anything else at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! :love:
Our Values
Our awesome admins and members give comments and get comments with the following values in mind:
…to restore balance – comment for comment, positive and negative, give and take.
…to accept all

Make Mistakes! We're Happy to Help!

To both give and get comments is no easy task, but, with the many projects that we have here, we hope that you find something that works best for you. If not, why not make a suggestion by noting us?

Additionally, if you have any questions or anything else at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! :la:

April : Golden Words Award!

ProjectComment's Award: Golden Words
~ for April ~

Congratulations xXSerena-CrosseXx!

Congratulations xXSerena-CrosseXx for being the much-deserved recipient of our eighteenth ProjectComment Award, Golden Words! xXSerena-CrosseXx's committed approach to both constructive commenting and artistic endeavors is something that we could all aspire towards ourselves. Through thick and thin, xXSerena-CrosseXx perseveres onward in her ability to guide members, break barriers, and stand up for the things that truly matter. It is our honour to present April's Golden Words Award to xXSerena-CrosseXx - whether it is through her comments or her art, her impact and influence is felt.

Thank you UszatyArbuz for creating this award for ProjectComment.

More Exposure!

More Exposure #21

Consider commenting on these pieces as you may discover new favorite artists!

Strangers~Chapter 4Faerlin woke slowly to the sweet songs of morning birds. The sun wasn’t up yet and the glen outside the bed-chamber window was lit in soft blue.
She reached an arm out to where she knew Aldaraen should’ve been, but the bed was cold.
She looked around the room, puzzled, then slid out from the covers and walked silently on bare feet to find her husband.
She found Aldaraen just as he finished stringing his bow and was rising to his feet. He was dressed for a hunt and had a full quiver of arrows.
He turned to smile at her, sensing her without hearing her arrival.
“Where are you going?” Faerlin whispered as she stepped up to her husband near the open door.
“I need to find the Mountain Bear, Melamin, before it returns for us. They have an unrivaled sense of smell and I wouldn’t want it wandering into our Glen. They are relentless hunters. It is truly a miracle that our Elflings escaped such a creature unharmed.” He looked troubled as he averted his g

Strangers~Chapter 3“N’uma ta! Stop it!” Aldariil giggled. He continuously pushed away his Father’s large, yet slender hands as they rubbed his son’s hair dry with a blanket.
Aldaraen stopped, holding Aldariil captive tightly in the blanket to stop his squirming.
He smiled down at his Elfling, who was peering out from the blanket mischievously.
“I will not stop, Aldariil SquirmElf,” he laughed when Aldariil burst into giggles and covered his head again, “You will get sick if I do not get you dry and then what will your mother’s sister and her husband think when they cannot see you?”
“Uncle Yaeran and Aunt Naelue?” Aldariil peeked out of the cover again, “They are coming here soon?”
“Yes, they are on their way for a visit,” Aldaraen began rubbing Aldariil’s hair again, seeming distracted now, “You will behave yourself this time, understand? During their last visit, Yaeran had to help me dive the rive

Strangers~Chapter 2Alinor and Aldariil found the dirt path that wound down the last few meters of the mountain, through the forest and eventually, would connect to the main road to Gwemyr. A smaller trail branched from it that would lead to their home across the river.
As they approached their house, cleverly hidden among the tall, graceful trees in the glade, Aldariil reached a hand out and stopped his sister.
Their parents backs were turned towards them. They sat together on a large flat stone that served as a dam to a small waterfall a side stream fed at the edge of the glade. It made a clear pool of water and Aldariil was surprised to see his mother and father resting their bare feet in it; Aldaraen’s arm around Faerlin’s shoulders, her head resting on his.
“Tul a no'. Tanya naa olin,” Alinor obviously was uncomfortable intruding on their parent’s affectionate moment, but Aldariil found a sort of comfort in it. He lingered a little longer, then allowed his sister to begi

Strangers~Chapter 1~ Many years later…
“Slowly now, Aldariil, make it one arrow. Only one arrow,” Alinor watched her brother intently while keeping the scarred, oversized boar in the borders of her vision. She put her fingertip under her brother’s small bow to aid in stilling the minute quivering, “Only think of your target. Nothing else. Not even me.”
“Shush, seler’. How can I put you out of my mind if you are always speaking,” Aldariil blew chestnut colored hair from his eyes and narrowed them slightly.
Alinor couldn’t help a smile. Her brother had spirit. It seemed he had grown so quickly. He was now almost to her shoulder.
Aldariil let the arrow loose, followed quickly by a dull thud, bringing Alinor back out of her reminiscing.
Both young Elves remained on their stomachs behind the undergrowth, watching intently as the boar fell to its side and lay motionless.
“I…I did it,” Aldariil breathed after a few moments. He looked

Strangers~Prologue“I' Valar caela Aman lye, amin Tinu, ai Alinor,” Faerlin brought the small, quiet newborn to her face to kiss each of his tiny, pointed ears in turn, “The Valar have blessed us, my Daughter.”
Alinor stood quietly beside her mother’s bed, straining to better see her new little brother.
“Here, Melamin, you may hold him,” Alinor’s mother carefully held out her newest Elfling, wrapped tightly in blankets, and allowed him into her daughter’s arms, “Careful now, gently.”
Alinor wrapped her arms around the warm bundle carefully, and couldn’t help  a wide, happy smile. He seemed so small and fragile!
The nurse, a Woman who had aided her mother during birth, carefully moved Alinor’s arms into a better position to cradle the small baby.
“Amin Toror’,” Alinor whispered gently and kissed her brother’s hand as he reached for her face, his blue eyes wide in wonder, “I will love and protec

RainbowDash by lloyd190
Grandma Smiling by d-eadboys
Christmas Lights Display - Outdoors by d-eadboys
Mystery BoyHis eyes were bright orbs, filled with joy and that sparkle of encouragement - one that dared anyone who looked into them to smile and be brilliant.
That magnificence would never waver. His dirty blonde hair grew long, falling unkempt over his eyes, but not far enough to conceal those beautiful pert lips. His cheeks were moderately flushed, in that young way.
I remember when I first saw him, his slim waist, the way his hips undulated subtly as he walked. Someone behind me called his name, and it fell on my ear as a word uttered by God. He smoothly turned his head, and the light swept his gentle face, almost caressing it; eyelids raising like a stage curtain to show the world the most beautiful and talented performers ever seen - his eyes of emerald and jade.   
A name with heritage, drama… and when spoken feels like the smoothest sound a man could make.
His boyish grin spread its wings across his light face, and his wondrous teeth glistened like wet marble

hold on by johnberd
Squish Face II by TearsofTurquoise
The Thinker by CatsareCuteWMKM
Peri by CatsareCuteWMKM
Embrace (sfw) by infinessence
fawn by aaaaalima
Cengeng by aaaaalima
Robin by aaaaalima
Watching: The Fault In Our Stars by CatsareCuteWMKM
Profile of a Woman by KCHuang
Merchandise | T-Rex Splatter | 1 by VirtualDesignerVixen

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OC: Tsung [Pokemon Form] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
OC: Jasper [Plant Form] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
Light Brite [OC Rave: Cyborg Form] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
Soul Mates [OC: Tsung and Django] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
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Dogon ToguNa by El-Rey-Chipinque
Practicing markers~ by Fragilance
FingerDash Dragon (VIP version) by Manakete-Queen
Standing in the Hall of Fame by Karatefinch
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Golden Dancer by Culpeo-Fox
Jecht by snowy15708
Jaevis by snowy15708
Dear Beans Submission by snowy15708
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fawn by aaaaalima
Embrace (sfw) by infinessence
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The Thinker by CatsareCuteWMKM
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Want Some Coffee? by ado-mi
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Weekly: Get Stupified! by EduartBoudewijn

Comment Wars #48

Wed Apr 26, 2017, 4:17 PM
Welcome to ProjectComment Comment Wars, designed to bring you quality feedback.

Comment War!

  • To enter Comment Wars, one constructive comment must be left on the piece featured below. Once you have commented, link us to your comment in a reply to this journal. Please refer to What is a Constructive Comment? for more details on constructive commenting.
  • The people with the most constructive comments will be placed in positions 1 to 3 by SolidMars. The person in 1st place will be featured next, while those in 2nd and 3rd place will be featured after (2nd is now 1st, 3rd is now 2nd).
  • Those placed will have to keep commenting constructively to move up in position. Fail to comment and you will lose your spot. Fail to comment constructively and you will move down in position.
  • The deadline for each round is 1 week from now on.

Triumph and Conquer

If you are placed and you continue to comment constructively, you will, eventually, be in 1st place yourself, and recipient of many constructive comments. Even if you are not placed in the top three, you still have a chance of winning!

  • The artist will choose the most constructive comment for them personally and that person will be given 1 free submission to ProjectComment's Gallery.
  • Additionally, 50% of people participating will be randomly chosen to receive one constructive comment. If, overall, 10 people participate, this means 5 people are randomly chosen to receive one constructive comment. If 30 people participate, this means 15 people are randomly chosen to receive one constructive comment. The more the merrier! La la la la

Please Note

Bullet; Red Comments or notes with links left outside of this journal will not be counted. Once you have commented, please copy and past a link to your comment in a reply to this journal. 
FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment?

Bullet; Red Please note: Our rules apply. Comments must be constructive (at least 6-7 consecutive lines long) and indicate you are commenting on behalf of ProjectComment. For ways to do so scroll down here.

Bullet; Red We will not accept works that contain overly sexual content, literature exceeding 60 lines nor fanfiction. 

Comment Wars #47

Many thanks to everyone who participated in round 47 of Comment Wars. MahAmmar's pick for the most constructive comment goes to asinineCompadre Here with the explanation that:

"Their comment was most helpful because it's immediately easier to read and follow than blocked paragraphs. It's also clear that they took into consideration not only my particular drawing style, as well as other pieces where I got things right and wrong to show as example, and the critiqued piece's description, therefore tailoring the critique for me in a way better to understand, as I can compare my own advancements and techniques. I was an organized critique, that had as a goal to make me understand my own art better in paralel with tradional techniques." 

Meanwhile, war is still among us! Placed in positions are...


 Less than 10 people participated, therefore everyone will get one free submission into our gallery. La la la la

For those in positions 2-3, if you would like to ascend one position, please make sure to comment on the piece below! Remember, fail to comment and you will lose your spot. Fail to comment constructively and you will move down in position!

Enter Now!

To enter Comment Wars, comment constructively on this piece:

Kamiken1 Motoko Kusanagi by Kamiken1
Any alterations to the piece above before the round ends, such as editing or deleting, will result in disqualification and permanent ban from Comment Wars.

Once you have commented, copy and paste a link to the comment in a reply to this journal.

Let the games begin! :eager: by darkmoon3636

Comment Wars #48 ends Tuesday, May 2nd, 12:00am pacific time. Results and a new round will be announced Wednesday, May 3rd.

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