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Welcome to ProjectComment!

We encourage every artist and commenter, regardless of art or skill, to give and get constructive comments through our projects. Each project (featured below) has its own guidelines and take place in our Journals. If you believe in our mission, support us and comment, comment, comment! :heart:

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Visual Guide to ProjectComment by 3wyl ProjectComment InformationProjectComment has been an active group since 2009 to give you the constructive comments you deserve!
We have many projects that encourage our awesome members to give comments and get comments. These projects involve workshops, features, chat events, contests and, more importantly, systems that rely on interchange, inclusion and interaction.
To both give and get comments is no easy task, but, with the many projects that we have here, we hope that you find something that works best for you. If not, why not make a suggestion by noting us?
Additionally, if you have any questions or anything else at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! :love:
Our Values
Our awesome admins and members give comments and get comments with the following values in mind:
…to restore balance – comment for comment, positive and negative, give and take.
…to accept all

Make Mistakes! We're Happy to Help!

To both give and get comments is no easy task, but, with the many projects that we have here, we hope that you find something that works best for you. If not, why not make a suggestion by noting us?

Additionally, if you have any questions or anything else at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! :la:

June : Golden Words Award!

ProjectComment's Award: Golden Words
~ for June ~

Congratulations DoubleDandE!

DoubleDandE is the recipient of our twentieth ProjectComment Award, Golden Words! A huge supporter of ProjectComment, one can appreciate DoubleDandE's magnanimous efforts through the many projects he takes part in. Not only is he a fantastic commenter, we are lucky to have him as an admin in the group! Time and time again, DoubleDandE helps others in their art and more. It is with great pleasure that we award June's Award to him, congratulations!

Thank you UszatyArbuz for creating this award for ProjectComment.

Random from Featured

Pizza Spider by DoubleDandE Pizza Spider :icondoubledande:DoubleDandE 82 84 Melted Cone by DoubleDandE Melted Cone :icondoubledande:DoubleDandE 55 24 Flanked by DoubleDandE Flanked :icondoubledande:DoubleDandE 33 22 Scorpion Gal in Acrylics by DoubleDandE Scorpion Gal in Acrylics :icondoubledande:DoubleDandE 40 35 Go Home My Friend (ET YCH) by DoubleDandE Go Home My Friend (ET YCH) :icondoubledande:DoubleDandE 21 32

More Exposure!

More Exposure #28

Consider commenting on these pieces as you may discover new favorite artists!

Final Year Project: Chiharu and the Magic Ashes by xiaoshan-angel
Roland (just a random oc I made) by rolandwhittingham
Grapefruit ScarBlushing
    colors of sunrise.
With embarrassment flushing,
Grapefruit rolls away
Round, cool; heavy in my palm
   fragrance drifting upwards
ripe &
  *Bursting* with promise
Tiny dimples indent thy skin
But oh!  A single large scar
   tissue gone rough grey,
ghost of the vivid orange
                                     everywhere else
Be this why
you stay away
hide within a porcelain bowl?
Hasn’t anyone ever told you
There’s no need for shameful flushing?
For thy "blemished" skin shelters seed and flesh and juice
                                  tart ,  brilliant ,  &   tangy;

Raindrop by HanahKPLQ
Bandaged (Speedpaint) by Nero-Shade
abraca-fuck u by SolarQvartz
Golden Dancer by Culpeo-Fox
Jecht by snowy15708
Jaevis by snowy15708
Dear Beans Submission by snowy15708
Atlantis' Clocks Tell No Time Submission by snowy15708
Gaia Commission 5 by snowy15708
Elf by Dangaso
THE SQUARED | CE by Dangaso
Ai by Dangaso
Bros(TM) by SolarQvartz
[Telegram Stickers] Kurt Folf - Vol. 1 by WolfieDonnell
Beach food chainAnimal Emote: Jellyfish ~> :crab:  ~> Woodstock 
A jelly washed ashore
~ great globe of marbled translucence 
     whose wobbles as our fingers stroke it
     return to it ~ semblance ~ of l.i.f.e.  ~
Crab, crustacean
~ claws leisurely feasting,
    small shelled body safely enclosed (trapped?) within
    a globe, a banquet
Birds ~ circle ~ from above
   gulls glide , pigeons peck
   sparrows harry others away from their nest
The seagulls are calling
Day on shore begins.

WaveDancer, Instinct OC Avatar by Fae-Oaksdaughter
Lemme smash by Ryu-chii

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Pizza Spider by DoubleDandE
Melted Cone by DoubleDandE
Flanked by DoubleDandE
Scorpion Gal in Acrylics by DoubleDandE
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Questions Answered
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Past No Constructive Comments
Lord Rettich Knight by byLysi

Mature Content

Ayo and Seika by AmberAmy
[MMD] Sugegasa by sutoroberikurimu
Auro by AkiaWalker
Past More Exposure
Final Year Project: Chiharu and the Magic Ashes by xiaoshan-angel
abraca-fuck u by SolarQvartz
Bandaged (Speedpaint) by Nero-Shade
Raindrop by HanahKPLQ
Comment and Art Contest - dAhub and PComment
Because 'Black and White' Is So Mainstream by Tuntalm
Plum Blossom Bells by lDestiny
Lotuseaters by MoonFey
OC: Alexander Asmaroth [Dark Angel] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
Video Critique
[Adopt Redraw #2 ] Shi by falconmeme

Gallery Folders

Visual Guide to ProjectComment by 3wyl
Give and Get 1 Comment, 6-7 Lines
Concentric Garden by FireMage99
Zoey's Mugshot by UndeadSentinel
Ratchet And Clank by wabuilderman
Padparadscha Sapphire by arcane-alchymist
Give and Get 2 Comments, 6-7 Lines
Ufo animation link in description by GlitchMix
Fire Practice by StarBellWing
No Harbor Was His Home by HoshiNoDestiny
A Walking Disaster by HoshiNoDestiny
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Xyla Ref by ReesieRoo
Forever Friends by StevenUniversFan
Leigh by Zitruseis
Googleiplier by NightmareaDraws
Give and Get 2 Comments, 7+ Lines
What's in the egg? by Whobleyh
Birthday Present: One Day in Dreams by Zitruseis
Sassassin's Creed by MagerBlutooth
Better Navi by MagerBlutooth
Comment Support Group
:constructive: by a-kid-at-heart
Lil'comment by Amarantheans
Constructivecomment by Amarantheans
:Constructive: by stuck-in-suburbia
Other Submissions
Wide Awake by TripleTrip
Face Form Practice 3 by strikhedoniak
505 by Soficathie
Cool Kitty Hot Doggo by SugarShortcake
Past Shorter, 1 Comment
Winter~ by Staerink
Not While I'm Around by IDreamOfTheWind
Bee Sweet- colored by AlwysbCreative
AT Amy and Phence by NikkyLooka
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PASTMASTERS page 24 by TeamStormbow
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Basketball Minimalist by StevenUniversFan
Past Submissions - 2016
Crossbow Taser by Charlene-Art
Past Submissions - Prior 2016
Weekly: Get Stupified! by EduartBoudewijn
Welcome to ProjectComment's Quick Comments!

If you would like quick feedback on something specific (e.g. a quick answer for a burning question) this is the place for you to do so!

To take part, please reply to this journal with…

Our members and admins will do our best to answer your questions quickly! Answers may vary in length, depending on your questions.

While we do encourage everyone to answer questions as quickly as possible, we can't guarantee your questions will be answered immediately. However, we can guarantee your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Example Questions

  • I know something is wrong with the chin of the person I'm painting, but I don't know what it is exactly and how to fix it. Help please!
  • I finished this piece, but now I'm not sure about the colours. Can someone tell me if they work together?
  • I don’t think the composition of my photograph is quite right. Is there a way I can crop it to improve it?


  • Can I post literature? We accept literature if it has under 200 words for poetry, and 400 words for prose. Please keep to specific questions to make quick answers possible, such as the following:
  • Specific questions about words and grammar, e.g. "Is the use of word x appropriate here?"
  • Specific questions about clarity, e.g. "Is what I'm trying to say with my poem clear?"
  • Specific questions about flow, e.g. "Is the reading flow disrupted anywhere?"
  • Can I ask for visual corrections or literary edits? Please do not ask for visual corrections or literary edits here. We will be launching a project soon that will address both of these there.

If you would like to ask a question, please try to answer a question in return. Questions can be found in replies to this journal.

For regular feedback, please use our navigation to find activities such as Gallery at a Glance, Comment Tag, and more! :la:
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Also commented on  Bee Sweet- colored by AlwysbCreative
And want to submit  Sailor Man by NymphTale
NymphTale Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Commented on  Ever thought of calling when you've had a few?.. by Persephore and if accepted I'd like to submit  *Shy* by NymphTale
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i commented on this : Padparadscha Sapphire
id love to submit this : finished sketched portion

if i didnt do anything right, please let me know! i still am new to this whole idea, and it seems super helpful and splendid!~ <3 thank you!
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alicin Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I commented  on : Winter~

I would like to submit : Lucus Portrait

that is if I got the system correctly, If I didn't I apologize and I'd like clarification if that's alright Sweating a little... 
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