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Gallery at a Glance - Sign Up Now!

Thu Jun 30, 2016, 9:45 AM by KokoKiero:iconkokokiero:
Welcome to ProjectComment’s Gallery at a Glance! If you sometimes feel a little lost on your artistic journey, if you would like a fresh pair of eyes to help you pinpoint where your strengths and weaknesses are, or if you would just like to know the impression that your art leaves on other viewers, come join us for a round (or two)! :la:

Gallery at a Glance is for visual art only. For constructive comments on literature, please visit one of our other projects.

How This Works

  • Once you have signed up, everyone is sorted into groups of three.

  • You will be prompted, via note, to go to two gallery pages and leave one constructive comments each within a week of being prompted - if your group members have questions for you, these will be indicated in the note.

  • Your comments must be at least 100 words of deviation-related content. Your group members questions and your introduction do not count towards this word limit.
    Your comment will not be accepted if they are under 100 words.

Constructive Commenting?

While we expect these comments to be constructive in order to help artists' growth, we also want to help artists see what their viewers are seeing. Be honest and tell them your first impressions, thoughts, and feelings. If an artist has a lot of different mediums, different subject matters, or their style changes, you can still look for general strengths, weaknesses and themes, and offer your insight on how you see their art evolving and changing.

Some questions to keep in mind when commenting:

  • How has the artist improved? In what areas?

  • What overall impression do I get? What themes do I see?

  • Are they good at telling stories? Are they good at experimentation? Are they good at making one piece flow into the other? What are they good at?

  • Are there similar issues in several pieces? What are they and how could the artist improve?

  • Are there similar colour schemes or compositions used throughout the gallery? What other similarities and differences do you notice?

  • Overall, what do the pieces tell me about the artist?

Which Direction?

Take note of what the artist is going for, and try to help them along in the direction that they want to go. For example, if someone’s gallery is full of animal art, it is not helpful to tell them “you should branch out into humans” or “you need to focus more on environments”. Instead, help them improve on the areas that they are working within. Feel free to use specific examples and refer to pieces in order to make sure that the artist knows what you’re talking about!

Sign Up Now!

  • Choose a folder or page from your gallery that you would like to have evaluated.

  • Reply to this journal and link us to your chosen folder or page.

  • State whether you would like the comments on the gallery page itself, or elsewhere (state where). If you do not state where you would like the comment your group members will be encouraged to leave it on the gallery page.

  • Make sure to include any specific questions you would like to have answered. Please keep your questions to a 5 limit maximum.

Active Groups

14.  FadingSpectrum, Sparkleswords, DanielFosterScotland (Started 06/22)

15.  Sid-axn, Saiivee, brechdaslicht  (Started 06/24)


10.  camir, Hikatsuke, moonlight-fox(Started 06/22, Ended 06/26)

11.  moppiwolf, J5hsfUncharted, SketchThePony13 (Started 06/22, Ended 06/25)

12.  Mango-Nectar, Fluffy-fez, MagicFanny (Started 06/22, Ended 06/22)

13.  Blue-Forest-Phoenix, Virtuxa, evehartman (Started 06/22, Ended 06/25)

16. JerichoRambentSlayer, S0luti0ns, DarthCraftus (Started 06/24, Ended 06/25)

Archive for older finished groups

Feature of Great Commenters: May/June

Tue Jun 28, 2016, 5:55 AM
As a result of our Nominate a Commenter + Win 100 Points project, we will be announcing the winners of those 100 :points: and bringing you features of our great commenters every month!

Week of 14th - 28th May

Congratulations bluediscord for winning 100 :points:!

Twisted Adoration by bluediscord Koon - Scheming Light v2 by bluediscord
Undertaker's Scythe v3 by bluediscord

Feature of Great Commenters!

Ali-Masako, Aminirus, Becky-louu, camir, CloudNothing, DoubleDandE, elfingdragon, EveVon, infinessence, J-Cody, Jooleya, Kotarow, Marzi17, Meerabelle, Omniseriu, PokeBallZtheSeries, PolymerWantACracker, Raqonteur, RatatoskAS, SamuelSama, Shiroka-chan, simbalm, Super-kip, ThereallylargeFly, ToddNTheShiningSword, WoolleyBrammoth

URBAN Promotional Poster by Ali-Masako
Commish: The Land I Used to Know by Aminirus
The Twisting Claws of Nature by Becky-louu
Drunken Love by J-Cody
Amaryll meditating by camir

Art Trade: Kendra and Elliot by DoubleDandE
20151211 074001 by elfingdragon
Initialize by EveVon
Golden Hour by infinessence
Gaming Ciri! =D by Jooleya
Red Hiding Hood by Kotarow
Fashion Models by Marzi17
Getting Drunk With A Blue Caterpillar by Meerabelle
Set Thine Heart Ablaze (2015, Updated) by Omniseriu
PBZ the Series Logo by PokeBallZtheSeries
One Giant Bite for Mousekind (AC #131) by PolymerWantACracker

Golden Lion Tamarin by RatatoskAS

Voyage by simbalm
Welcome to my nightmare by Shiroka-chan
Yakuza at the Tattoo Parlour by Super-kip

TatSS: 'Dem Characters: 2 by ToddNTheShiningSword
Unidentified Fruit in Conte Crayon by WoolleyBrammoth

Week of 28th May - 11th June

Congratulations VoiceInForestShadow for winning 100 :points:!

Alligator-Dragon Youth by VoiceInForestShadow

Mature Content

In the Air, Spirits Around by VoiceInForestShadow

Dryad 1 by VoiceInForestShadow

Feature of Great Commenters!

ariieve, BlackHawk45LC, bluediscord, camir, CelesteTunstall, Cyres1, devilyoudont, DogeDays, Ferncraft, fluoroid, nocturnaliss, PolymerWantACracker, Raqonteur, simbalm, Super-kip, TheLaicka, Tuntalm, Yuett, ZlNNlA,

Speedpaint: Lair by ariieve
Zelda the Outlaw by BlackHawk45LC
Koon - Scheming Light v2 by bluediscord
Amaryll meditating by camir
Sher Khan by CelesteTunstall
Little Tree at the End of the World (V3) by Cyres1
Literal Idiom: Sleep with the Fishes by devilyoudont
and it comes off lyrical by DogeDays
Sneeze by Ferncraft
Don't Leave by fluoroid
And at the end... by nocturnaliss
F(w)oggy by PolymerWantACracker

Voyage by simbalm
The Reaper by Super-kip
The Tree Amongst The Weeds by TheLaicka
Hello, Self-Centered Being. by Tuntalm
Sigrid [OC] by Yuett
Prince Aelle by ZlNNlA

If you would like the chance to win 100 :points: or be featured,
nominate a commenter now!

Comment Wars #17

Sun Jun 26, 2016, 9:25 AM
Welcome to ProjectComment Comment Wars, designed to bring you quality feedback.

Comment War!

  • To enter the Comment Wars, one constructive comment must be left on the piece featured below. Once you have commented, link us your comment in a reply to this journal.
  • Those who comment the most constructively will be placed in positions 1 to 5 by ProjectComment admins. The person in 1st place will be featured next, while those in 2nd to 5th place are bumped up (2nd is now 1st, 5th is now 4th). This frees up a spot for one lucky person.
  • Those placed will have to keep commenting constructively to move up in position. Fail to comment and you will lose your spot. Fail to comment constructively and you will move down in position.

Triumph and Conquer

If you are placed and you continue to comment constructively, you will, eventually, be in 1st place yourself, and recipient of many constructive comments. Even if you are not placed in the top five, you still have a chance of winning!

  • The artist will choose the most constructive comment for them personally and that person will be given 1 free submissions to ProjectComment's Give and Get 2 Comments 5+ lines Gallery Folder.
  • Additionally, 50% of people participating will be randomly chosen to receive one constructive comment. If, overall, 10 people participate, this means 5 people are randomly chosen to receive one constructive comment. If 30 people participate, this means 15 people are randomly chosen to receive one constructive comment. The more the merrier! La la la la

Please Note

Bullet; Red Comments or notes with links left outside of this journal will not be counted. Once you have commented, please copy and paste a link to the comment in a reply to this journal:FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment?

Bullet; Red Only constructive comments will count towards being placed.

Bullet; Red Our rules apply. Please indicate you are commenting on behalf of ProjectComment as well. For ways to do so, click here.

Bullet; Red We will not be accepting works that are overly sexual or contain mature content, and we will not accept literature pieces that exceed 60 lines of text. If you see yourself submitting fan fiction, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee any comments about the content as we may not be familiar with the fandom.

Comment Wars #16

Many thanks to everyone who participated in Round 16 of Comment Wars! RyugaSSJ3's personal pick of the most constructive comment was written by FirebornForm here with the explanation that:

"Not every comment has to be a praise. I could get a praise from any kind of comment but it takes one person to find the difference contrary to what everyone sees. Yeah,I kinda placed everything in the same field and it seems like its crowding around for attention. 

Though a good lesson for today that I learn is to draw from actual people and not anime because sometimes,animes are very exaggerated most of the time..the realistic animes with regular looking people,now you can trace them and all. Drawing real people would really help an artist if they wanna make their own style and develop it from there."

Meanwhile, war is still among us! Placed in positions are...

5. FirebornForm

Less than 10 people participated, therefore everyone may submit one piece into our gallery. La la la la

For those in positions 2-5, if you would like to ascend one position, please make sure to comment on the piece below! Remember, fail to comment and you will lose your spot. Fail to comment constructively and you will move down in position!

Enter Now!

To enter the Comment Wars, comment constructively on this piece:

Magical Things - Page 1 by CoattailsOfJustice

Any alterations to the piece above before the round ends, such as editing or deleting it, will result in disqualification and permanent ban from Comment Wars.

Once you have commented, copy and paste a link to the comment in a reply to this journal.

Let the games begin! :eager: by darkmoon3636

Comment Wars #17 ends Tuesday, July 5th, 12:00am pacific time. Results and a new round will be announced Sunday, July 10th.

More Exposure 12

Thu Jun 23, 2016, 4:02 AM
Astrikos on the behalf of ProjectComment

More Exposure

ProjectComment is a Group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the DeviantArt community, but we aim to feature under-appreciated artwork too!

This article series will highlight works submitted to the More Exposure folder. Submit your pieces to this folder for more exposure on our front page and a news article! Submission limit is five deviations per week.

Consider commenting on these pieces as you may discover new favorite artists!

Aussie by KrazedKai
Wizard's Umbrella by SewnFlesh

Coke Bottles by SolarLunix
Just Them by Komposed

Ashcliffe Family Portrait - Tristan by Sleyf
Possible by Jaasp

SWAT Drawing by Jaasp

Please consider dropping off a nice, constructive comment! :heart:

Comment Tag #6 - Sign Up Now!

Mon Jun 20, 2016, 4:12 PM by Kaotic-Cass:iconkaotic-cass:
Do you ever feel like people are only commenting on the first piece they see? Would you like more people to actually look through your gallery? Are you willing to take a look at another member's gallery? Then, join us for a round (or two) of Comment Tag! :la:

Comment Tag is for visual art only. For constructive comments on literature, please visit one of our other projects.

How Comment Tag Works

  • Each tagline is 5 players long, and starts with a requirement (e.g. "blue").
  • Player 1 looks for a piece in Player 2's gallery that has something with this requirement (in this case, something that is "blue").
  • Player 1 leaves a comment on this deviation, and puts "TAG!" at the bottom of the comment with a new requirement.
  • Player 2 looks for a piece in Player 3's gallery that has something with this new requirement.
  • The above is repeated until Player 5 leaves a comment for Player 1, thus completing the tagline.

Play Now!

1. Sign up by replying to this journal!

2. Wait for the requirement.
  • Player 1 will be notified of the requirement by me.
  • Player 2, 3, 4, 5 will be notified of the requirement by the previous Player.

3. Look through the next Player's gallery, find the most recent deviation that has the requirement in it, and post your constructive comment within three days of being prompted!
  • You must leave a comment that is, at least, 100 words of deviation-related content (this does not include start/end phrases about tag words), otherwise your comment will not be accepted.
  • Don't forget to leave your tag word! The tag word must be broadly applied to most kinds of art and must only be one word (e.g. just "blue", not "blue waves").
  • If you are Player 5, you do not need to set a tag word for Player 1.

4. Once you have commented, reply to this journal with...
  • The New Requirement/Tag Word
  • Link to Your Comment

Take Note

If you cannot comment within three days, and you require an extension, please note Kaotic-Cass immediately.

If you get a comment, but do not give one, you will not be allowed to join future taglines until you give a comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't find the requirement/tag word? Comment on a random piece and proceed as normal. The main thing is putting some effort into looking for the requirement.
  • I've been waiting for a long time? We ask that you be patient, hold tight and post your comment when it is your turn. If you are Player 5, it may take 2 weeks until you receive a comment.
  • I want to sign up for more taglines! Please comment every time you would like to play again.
  • I am Player 5 and I am confused... Find the requirement in Player 1's gallery and post a constructive comment. Don't leave a new requirement or tag word in the comment. Instead, do #4 (above).

So, what are you waiting for? Just reply to this blog to sign up! :eager:


Please ensure all comments are as constructive as possible.

:pointr: TAGLINE 136: Purple :pointl: (Started 6/13 :: Ongoing)
1. Hikatsuke Ice (6/15) ::…
2. KinSyke Peaceful (6/23) ::…
3. kaisakuris Pink (6/26) ::…
4. Yuett Evil (6/29) ::…
5. shadjarab

:pointr: TAGLINE 139: Model :pointl: (started 6/19 :: Ongoing)
1. Dance4life628 Sky (6/20) ::…
2. BushArtist Pirate (6/26) ::…
3. ZtheSOI Belong (6/26) ::…
4. YumisaR (Extension)
5. sisiziur

:pointr: TAGLINE 142: Happy :pointl: (started 6/20 :: ended 6/29)
1. thefoxinghole Lovely ::…
2. Moon13Dreams Graceful ::…
3. PonyPoet21 Light (6/22) ::…
4. ConvenientTavern
5. Blue-Forest-Phoenix ::…

:pointr: TAGLINE 143: Bright :pointl: (started 6/21 :: ongoing)
1. john240685 Nature (6/22) ::…
2. bonnietessa ::…
3. JamSchlosser Magenta (6/29) ::…
4. anya-silvermoon
5. Kameko-Kaname

:pointr: TAGLINE 146: Animal :pointl: (started 6/21 :: ongoing)
1. sayHELLOgalacticgay Purple (6/23) ::…
2. KammyTheBeast Brightness (6/24) ::…
3. ContraSprite
4. Jennosaurr
5. TheDoubleDeuced

:pointr: TAGLINE 147: Glasses :pointl: (started 6/23 :: ongoing)
1. FasterThanTheUndead
2. Dance4life628
3. Jae-nox
4. Hikatsuke
5. BornToDoStuff

:pointr: TAGLINE 148: Bold :pointl: (staryed 6/26 :: ongoing)
1. Hikatsuke Female (6/29) ::…
2. Shi-Yin
3. MiMikuChair
4. Dance4life628
5. bluediscord

:pointr: TAGLINE 149: Exciting :pointl: (started 6/29 :: ongoing)
1. kaisakuris
2. camir
3. Hikatsuke
4. thecappuccinomacaron
5. bluediscord

:pointr: TAGLINE 150: New :pointl: (started 6/29 :: ongoing)
1. Prismatische
2. Lw-Dimensions
3. Catepiller
4. sisiziur
5. Yuett

:pointr: TAGLINE 151: :pointl:
1. bluediscord
2. karatefinch

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or anything else about Comment Tag, please note me!

Manager: Kaotic-Cass
Comment Tag Volunteers: Cyres1, QBeagle, SolarLunix, rainbow000pegasus
Archive of Comment Tag: 1, 2, 3, 4 (data), 5 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Recent Journal Entries