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ProjectComment presents the community of deviantART a project that will question what it really means to be a commenter, an artist, a member of deviantART. All of these challenges relate to commenting in some shape or form, and we sincerely encourage everyone to take part! :la:

You do not have to be brilliant at writing comments and we are not asking you to perform miraculous feats. We are just looking for people willing to make a difference. It is all too easy to receive constructive comments, but giving them is equally, if not more, rewarding.

Each week, a challenge is set with the deviations of those who participated in the previous week featured in a news article. Many thanks to CameronKobe, AyakaYougen, ROBOCOP603, RetSamys for participating in Week 31!

Aurelie (new OC/copic experimentation) by AyakaYougen [D156] Heartbeat of a Star by RetSamys

Participate in this week's comment challenge…

Constructively comment on one deviation featuring a real animal and one deviation featuring an imaginary animal.



:bulletblue: Once you have commented, link us to your comment in a reply to this article!
:bulletblue: The comment must be newly submitted to deviantART from today's date.
:bulletblue: Please try to include something along the lines of: "Commented on behalf of ProjectComment's 52 Week Comment Challenge" in your comment!
:bulletblue: Feel free to follow our guide on How to Comment - Pointers and Examples. If you are struggling with the concept of a constructive comment, this should help!
:bulletblue: You may do this challenge as many times as you want!

:star: Those who complete the challenge successfully will be featured in a news article, and the one who completes the most challenges successfully will win themselves a 12 Month Premium Membership. There will also be :points: given to the best efforts!

Have Fun! :love:
ProjectComment is a Group of many projects centred around comments, but, more importantly, constructive comments. We offer Members of deviantART a lot of opportunities to get comments, give comments, participate in comment projects, win points, get featured and much, much more!

In this series of articles, our admins aim to answer questions about anything related to comments/commenting, art and more! Here are our answers to BlueFireballs's question:

How do you draw boys' hair?

:iconfelizias: learned a lot from anime/manga, comics/cartoons and real life. She suggests, "The best way to go is turning the mind off and starting somewhere. After that, you can do some fine-tuning until you get a result you are happy with. I would always recommend experimenting a lot! :D Tutorials also help."

:iconblonde-and-red: recommends these tutorials:……

:iconqbeagle: suggests, "As with most things I do, this starts with a Google search.  I don't know squat about fashion so I just look over pictures till I see a style that looks close to what I want. 

When picking a style I tend to think about the character.  Firstly what time period is he in?  If it's modern day then fashion shots of celebrities are useful.  If it's in the past then I'll try to find examples of styles from that period.  If it's in the future then there's no rules and I tend to look for really strange styles.  After that I consider the personality; a shy person gets very neat hair, an out going or carefree person gets messier hair.  Bookworms will get short hair, jocks get hair that's spiky and points up a bit.

Once I have that I put in the outline.  Mark out how far it will reach; covering facial features and how far off the head it will lift up.

If it's messy hair I'll mark in some tufts of hair, making them overlap to try and get some depth but all pointing in the direction the hair flows in that spot on my reference.  If it's a neat style I'll just mark in boundaries where the hair changes direction, essentially delineating all the parts.

After that I move on to coloring.  The only thing I keep in mind here is to try and make all of the pencil lines match the direction of the hair, this way any stray lines will give the hair more texture.

This would probably be easier to understand if I had some pictures to go with it.  Sadly I've lost the tutorials I built this style from.  This looks pretty close to how I approach it:
Drawing Hair Tutorial 2 by manic-goose"

:iconastrikos: suggests, "The main thing is to remember the hair is not a separate entity from the scalp. The scalp line is also interesting as hair is not plastered to the head like a hat or something. The hairline is easily studied by looking at shaved heads or baby heads. Mostly it recedes at the forehead and right at the ears, even on women. Doesn't need to be too pronounced. And then focus on how the hair grows and is layered. Mainly I try to draw the hair in very loose sections. And then shade in the darkest areas in a flowy way that the hair grows. Some areas are blown out by highlight And others are hidden in shadows so it's not just repetitive stringy strokes all the time. But mostly stay delicate with it. For boys, it seems to spike in certain areas, slightly. And the hair moves so focus on not making the sections look glued together. Looseness and liveliness are important while drawing hair."

:iconastarayel: suggests, "I found this tutorial particularly insightful.

The difference between guys' and girls' hair is usually in length. They grow out of the scalp in the same way, but the added weight of longer hair causes it to fall a bit different. In general, a good approach is to get the softer, darker bits blocked out and then increasingly sharpen/harder your brush and add lighter tones. That goes for digital painting, if you wanted a tutorial on traditional methods, I'm sure I could hunt one down for you.

I'll echo what's been said here and really put in a plug for references. Sometimes it's best not even to see the hair as hair, but just as bunches of brush or pen strokes. I would avoid drawing too many strands, otherwise it'll look a bit stringy (if that makes sense). When you look at hair, you can't see every single strand, but you usually pick up on groupings of colors and such.

I hope this helps!

:iconj-grey: suggests, "There are a lot of methods of drawing hair. They mostly depend on the drawing style you chose. But I think the basic steps stay the same.

At first I choose the hairstyle I want to achieve. Sometimes it’s hard to draw short hair, because there are no long strands and they tend to look like a solid form.

How I Draw Hair by ribkaDory Hair Tutorial by shark-bomb

Next tutorials will help if your style is traditional or digital realism and semi-realism, where you need a lot of patience to carefully draw each strand.

Tutorial: How to draw hair by Cataclysm-X Drawing Blond Hair Tutorial by hedspace77

I also learned a lot from classical drawing books, such as ‘Drawing the Head’ by Andrew Loomis:…

If you want to focus the viewer’s attention on the face, there’s another method – sketch the hair. It works both for traditional (especially, charcoal) and digital portraits.…

This digital art tutorial will help you to achieve great results without drawing each strand:

Hair Coloring Tutorial by lostie815

:iconriemea: suggests, "Basically, drawing hair always works the same way, no matter whether you're drawing long or short hair.
One of the most important things to remember is that when drawing hair it's best to think of it as strands or blocks of hair instead of individual hairs. Don't lose time with drawing every single hair, focus more on the overall shape of the hair style you want to draw, otherwise you risk ending up with "spaghetti hair". I always try to "bring details into focus", i.e. I start out with vaguely defined shapes, and gradually define strands of hair and add detail. Learning where to put details and how much detail exactly takes some practise, but it's a good way to learn to not overdo it with detail in my opinion. Another thing is studying from real life or reference pictures. That's a pretty good way to learn to draw pretty much everything in natural existence.

Tutorials I can recommend for drawing hair:

How to draw hair by Taylor-payton Hair Tutorial by shark-bomb Tutorial: Hair by kitten-chan

:note: There are a few more suggestions for drawing hair in this thread.

Do you have any suggestions? If so, post them here! :la:

If you have questions that you would like us to answer, please ask here as a reply to this blog, or anonymously through this form. Our volunteers will then answer your questions to the best of our abilities, and we will then post our answers as an article for you!

Thank you for reading!

ProjectComment :dalove:
ProjectComment is a Group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the deviantART community.

In order to support those efforts, we encourage dedicated users to give comments too. For those who are critics, artists, or just helpful in the community, we now offer something in return for all that you do - be it helping the participants of ProjectComment, or the group itself!

This weekly article focuses on the amazing deviants in the deviantART community, who have given fantastic comments, through excerpts of those comments, artwork by the deviants themselves, and much more! Your support in :+fav: the article would be much appreciated. :heart:

Spotlight Commenters

These commenters are determined by you through Nominations (read below for more information). Each month, we will be selecting a couple of amazing commenters based on the comments we have seen in our gallery submissions and elsewhere on deviantART. Anyone on deviantART is applicable for this feature!

:iconscarlet-wings-kaili:, Scarlet-Wings-Kaili, Student Artist
Commented on Amethyst Mermaid by SunshineEmily.

Amethyst Mermaid by SunshineEmily
"Something I thought about was how the space around the sculpture effects the overall atmosphere. The top two pictures are bright and high-contrast against the lower darker 4 photos. I don't know if you intend to keep one, or keep the composition of the 6 photos as is, but right now, my eyes can only focus naturally on the top 2 photos. This creates a very unbalanced composition. Light and darkness also have symbolic meanings attached to them. As A result, I think that maybe this could have some sort of story-line. I think playing with that idea could create some cool effects. Also the bigger quart is only present in the first 2 photos, and I think that crystal changes how one perceives the mermaid. Personally I think the mermaid found a giant quart and begins to eat it until there is only one piece left as seen in the darker photos (sorry my over-reactive imagination took over). So these are some ideas that you could think about. [...]"

Here is a selection of art created by Scarlet-Wings-Kaili.
Acos 2 by Scarlet-Wings-Kaili Onwards by Scarlet-Wings-Kaili The Voiceless Demon by Scarlet-Wings-Kaili
Have a browse of their Gallery!

:iconqbeagle:, QBeagle, Traditional Art, Hobbyist
Commented on A Distinguished Gentleman by apples-ishness.

A Distinguished Gentleman by apples-ishness
"On the head you the top half was done very well, but along his chin and neck it's fairly flat.  You do have the spots darkening at the bottom and along the left edge, but the base color remains the same.  I think if you were to give it some sphere like shading it would help bring that out.

The top of the staff also has an odd flatness to it.  The highlight color carries through unbroken from the bird's eye down to the shaft of the staff, making it all appear the same distance from the viewier.  Perhaps darkening the bird's neck would give a little more dimension to that?  Sort of like how the beak is darker and appears like a difference surface than the head and body.

You've got great cast shadows by the way.  The frog's shadow on the wall lines up, even including a bright spot in the crook of his arm, and has a nice fuzzy edge from distance.  While the staff has a sharper shadow across his belly.  

Here is a selection of art created by QBeagle.
Dakkon with less armor by QBeagle Take cover Tiger! by QBeagle Investigator by QBeagle
Have a browse of their Gallery!

:iconduckylanaa:, Duckylanaa, Traditional Art, Hobbyist
Commented on Knight of the red moon by DoodlingMelody.

Knight of the red moon by DoodlingMelody
"Really cool concept, I'm truly amazed. The red of the moon that comes back in the sword and the necklace, this way you create a unsymmetrical triangle composition which makes your eyes look at the whole drawing and not just the points that catch your eyes. I do have some tips, the way you drew this is a bit messy. The sword for one is really good! But the shiny light in the handle should blend in more with the rays of light erupting form it. just like you did with the necklace :D and the clouds are really good but because of the to obvious white lines the effect is lessened, the clouds that are a bit further away are done really well and it is true that the clouds that are closer should be brighter but you have to blend the colors so it still is a cloud and not some lines on a cloud, you get what I mean? [...]"

Here is a selection of art created by Duckylanaa.
self portret by Duckylanaa Juvia Lockser Fairytail by Duckylanaa Fire by Duckylanaa
Have a browse of their Gallery!

Do you know of a potential Spotlight Commenter? If so, we take nominations. Feel free to note ProjectComment!


Consider commenting on one or more of the below!

Under the Sakura trees by Lillytehneko your love give me wings by Lolita-Artz Matryoshka by Lillytehneko

If you want to be in for the chance of being featured, feel free to submit to this folder!

How To Nominate

We need nominations of deviants who you think should be featured! Send us a note with the subject "Nomination" and the following information:
    :star: Name of Deviant

    :star: Links to the deviations they commented. (This is great way to give back to a user who has given you an exceptional comment!
:bulletgreen: You can suggest anyone and everyone (except yourself ;P) at any time and include as many nominations as you want in one note.
:bulletgreen: The news feature occurs once every week and all nominations will be taken into account.
:bulletgreen: If your nomination isn't featured immediately, it may still be featured in a future news article!

3wyl, posting on behalf of ProjectComment
In this journal, we introduced our project for featuring your art with 0 constructive comments. Now that plenty of awesome pieces have been submitted, thank you, and it's time to showcase them! La la la la

0 Constructive Comment Submissions

Consider commenting on these deviations constructively. Give them some love!
Note 10 images will be featured bi-weekly in the order of their submission, starting from the oldest. 

 Alice - Lidfox by geek96boolean10  the wind of the night by Lolita-Artz A Queen Among Women by TheShadowEmpress Let me weigh your heart by MonsieArts 97. Safety First by Deus-Lux

Space by BlueYellowRed White tiger (request) by TheShadowEmpress
T-Shirt Idea by geek96boolean10 PoSally - Queen by Cazuuki   

Mini Constructive Comment Contest (+ Winner feature!)


Congrats to  


with this comment on Paper Doll 13: Enbizaka Luka by sutoroberikurimu.
Sochi 2014 - HK (APH/Hetalympics) by AyakaYougen Justice will Prevail: L from Death Note by AyakaYougen  
The Scarf (Russia APH) by AyakaYougen Hong Kong APH (redrawn) by AyakaYougen 

These articles will be published on a bi-weekly basis, and the winner of this mini contest will be awarded with a feature on the next article! 
  1. First, find a deviation above that's to your liking. Or you may find one from the folder!
  2. Comment as constructively as possible on the piece. We are looking for the most constructive, and will be judging on that! 
  3. Copy the comment link once you're done, and then link it via comments section under this article. To find the URL of your comment on a deviation (or anywhere), you submit the comment, right click the time stamp, and then select copy link address. 
Happy constructive commenting! 

:new: It's happening now so get ya selves in there! #ProjectComment


Today we will have our chat event, but due to unforeseen circumstances we will have to move it back one hour 12 PM PDT/ 3 PM EDT (United States)/ 8 PM BST. I am sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey everyone, this is DTKinetic reporting. I've realized that our chat events here have generally been on a random and haphazard schedule. This is mainly because my real life schedule operates the same way. With job interviews, home repairs/responsibilities, and maintaining relationships, I don't know what I'm going to be doing days in advance, so it would be much harder to commit to something online if something higher priority pops up.

:bulletpurple: So I found the solution. From now on, practically all my chat events will be held on Sundays. It's the weekend, so most people won't have to worry about work/school. I have church in the mornings and I know when I get home, so I at least have some structure in my schedule to make it a little more predictable.

:bulletblue: I will shoot for one chat event every two Sundays.

:bulletgreen: I'll update this journal announcing the time, but it will be relatively stable, around 2 PM EDT (United States) / 7 PM BST.

Okay, thanks for reading, and I hope this works out =)

:note: As a side note, if you are available on a different day/time, please let us know so that we can best accommodate you!

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