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ProjectComment is a Group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the DeviantArt community. By discussing what makes a great constructive comment, we aim to support the awesome commenters out there through a workshop where, twice a month, we will be conquering the challenge of commenting.

Welcome to our third commenting workshop on resources!

It almost goes without saying that resources allow both the commenter and the artist to learn new techniques. Resources aid us in going beyond the written word so that we are not told things, but shown how to improve our artwork. It is that visual representation that helps commenters and artists alike understand.

How can resources help this artist receiving this comment?
The jacket is too short while the hand anatomy is wrong.
Gotham help

As both the artist and the commenter, we can use resources including:

By using resources, we could answer questions such as...

  • How much longer the jacket should be and its effects on the character.
  • The different examples of hands and how this specific hand can be changed.
  • The particular focus on anatomy of the hand itself.

Writing or receiving simple statements or statements with long explanations doesn't necessary guarantee improvement for the artist or the commenter. Sometimes, being able to see it, being able to link to a resource that aids in our statements and explanations, adds an extra layer that solidifies our contributions.

Resources & Stock Images

DeviantArt has a whole category dedicated to resources and stock images here. By using any of these resources, we are given a stronger grasp of what the commenter is seeing and advising us to do as artists. As commenters, linking to visual representations or examples already explained makes it easier for us to articulate our advice and our comments overall. Furthermore, we add to our understanding why certain aspects are flawed or how certain techniques can be applied to our own artwork. This is especially the case when resources serve as a visual guide of where the artist should go and where they should stop.

Birds of a feather...

Resources are often created by artists like yourself, artists that have grown and are willing to share how they do things to help you in your own art. Many resources are posted by artists that have risen to popularity on DeviantArt and that says something! The fact that some well-known artists contribute to the community through these resources, while others benefit from them, should add extra incentive for you to use them yourself.

Joint Use

What do we mean by 'joint use'? While resources are helpful in and of themselves, we shouldn't use them solely in our comments, or rely on them overly much. A constructive comment wouldn't be much of a constructive comment without your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and more. It is with the addition of resources that we can support our claim, provide further explanations and ultimately help the artist.

Whether we are giving or receiving resources, we are given something we can use and run with!

Resources in ProjectComment

Believe it or not, we have our own resources at ProjectComment of the more 'comment guide' variety. You can find our guides here. We are also working on a resource/tutorial directory to make it easier to find good resources when commenting! For now, if you do use resources, link them to us!

DeviantArt is an online art community where we help each other improve and become even better artists not just through constructive commenting. We continue to expand our knowledge and learn through the vast knowledge gained by the resources at our fingertips.

Dapper Man by QBeagle

J-Grey, Sept 26, 2014:
Hello, QBeagle!
I think I haven’t commented on your artworks yet, so I’m gonna fix it :D
First of all, I want to second Cameron. I see a lot of improvement - you made a great step forward in lineart and coloring. His face and hair looks good for me, I see confidence in his look and pose. The cane adds more style in the overall look, and I like the way he holds it – not playfully or elegantly. You did a good job with the folds on his trousers.

When it comes to men fashion, I always think of Nick Wooster.……
That’s why I felt that on your picture the jacket is a bit too short for a man of his age.

I agree with your thoughts about the hands’ anatomy problem. I think the problem is that the torso on the left side is bigger, so it looks like it’s turned in the wrong direction. Maybe this photo will also help you:…

I also want to add a small suggestion to leave free space on the background (now I think his left foot is a bit cropped).
Overall, it’s a really good drawing. I’ve noticed that you’ve put it into sketches, but I think the level is higher.
Good luck in further improvement :D

How do resources allow for more improvement?

Typically, how do you learn to improve your art?
Do you use resources, and, if so, what resources do you use?
How do you find them?

Check out our other Commenting Workshops!
:bulletgreen: Guidance
:bulletgreen: Balance

ProjectComment is a group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the DeviantArt community. Our mission is to encourage the development of a culture of exchanging constructive comments within the DeviantArt community, for the benefit of all its members!

As many of our members have discovered, there is great opportunity for improvement in both giving and receiving comments: double-edged improvement, ahoy! This feature will spotlight one of the amazing members of ProjectComment every week to showcase their experience with how giving and receiving of comments has improved their experiences as artists and in the DeviantArt community in general. :heart:

Double-Edged - Obelis

Obelis prefers in traditional media and literature writing, loves Vocaloid music and deep forests. Obelis hopes to get to know more artists who will honestly care for her work as she cares for them, developing strong and supportive artistic friendships, rather than just having a lot of watchers.

What’s an example of a great, constructive feedback that you received? What specifically in that comment helped you to improve?

My favorite comment that I got on my literature is this.

I liked how the author of this comment told me about a concrete detail that could be improved. In many comments on literature, I get advice like "the characters should be more mysterious", "they should have acted more romantic" (where there was no romance between the characters) - such comments are abstract and it's difficult to understand what you should do.

I especially liked this part of the comment:

The first thing I noticed is that you sometimes don't use the articles “the” and “a/an” where I think it would be needed. I by no means think that this is an issue of catastrophic proportions, it certainly doesn't make your story less enjoyable! It is simply something I think you'll run into again
You use the article “the” when you refer to something specific. Here's a nice article that sums up when and when not to use “the”. I looked it up before commenting to make sure I'm not absolutely off, I couldn't put it any better than they did, it's short, well structured and very informative!

And then the commenter explained me everything with examples. This was the most useful advice that I had ever got. If you want to imagine how my piece looked before correcting, just read it skipping half of "the" and in place of another half placing "a".

How has providing comments to others helped you to improve your own art? How has it changed your experience here at dA?

See an example of Obelis's commenting skills here!

Writing detailed comments helped me to learn to pay attention to every detail; this is important when creating art, too. Also, when telling advice to the others, I often notice that I could use that advice myself. Talking to people about their art helps to know them better, too - it's a great way to find new friends!

How can ProjectComment members improve the feedback they give?

I like the feedback where commenters not just mention the good, the bad and how to improve the piece but also tell me about the feelings they got looking at it. If they had an experience/ remember a story similar to what they saw I like when they tell me about it.

Chaotic seasons
The World was born from the Primary Light. Together with it, the four Seasons were born. Each of them looked like a snake with six wings. There was a soft god Spring on whose head flowers grew; a hot-blooded goddess Summer, always followed by a bunch of butterflies; a gloomy god Fall, in whose feathers yellow maple leaves rested, and a cruel goddess Winter who had a completely white body.
The seasonal gods were greedy; each of them wanted entire sky to be theirs only. Every snake persecuted three others, wishing to banish them from the sky. As Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter kept changing their being place all the time, there was no one set season at time.
At one moment, it was a chilly Winter, and another moment it was already a hot Summer, chased by cold again. In one day, all the Seasons changed many times. Living beings highly suffered because of the seasonal gods‘ quarrels.
As the seasonal deities were extremely strong and aggressive, the others

Deities fighting by Obelis   Peaceful forest by Obelis

How To Nominate

We are always looking for nominations of deviants who you think should be featured! Note astarayel with the subject "Nomination" and the following information:

   :star: Name of Deviant

   :star: Link to their exceptional comments. (This is great way to give back to a user who has given you fantastic feedback!)

You can suggest anyone and everyone at any time and include as many nominations as you want in one note. All nominations will be taken into consideration--if your nomination isn't featured immediately, it may still be featured in a future news article!

astarayel, posting on behalf of ProjectComment
Welcome to ProjectComment Comment Wars, designed to bring you quality feedback.

Comment War!

:bulletgreen: To enter the Comment Wars, one constructive comment must be left on the piece featured below. Once you have commented, link us your comment in a reply to this journal.

:bulletgreen: Those who comment the most constructively will be placed in positions 1 to 5 by ProjectComment admins. The person in 1st place will be featured next, while those in 2nd to 5th place are bumped up (2nd is now 1st, 5th is now 4th). This frees up a spot for one lucky person.

:bulletgreen: Those placed will have to keep commenting constructively to move up in position. Fail to comment and you will lose your spot. Fail to comment constructively and you will move down in position.

Triumph and Conquer

If you are placed and you continue to comment constructively, you will, eventually, be in 1st place yourself, and recipient of many constructive comments. Even if you are not placed in the top five, you still have a chance of winning!

:bulletgreen: The artist will choose the most constructive comment for them personally and that person will be given 2 free submissions to ProjectComment's Gallery - a minimum of four constructive comments.

:bulletgreen: Additionally, 50% of people participating will be randomly chosen to receive one constructive comment. If, overall, 10 people participate, this means 5 people are randomly chosen to receive one constructive comment. If 30 people participate, this means 15 people are randomly chosen to receive one constructive comment. The more the merrier! :la:

Please Note

:bulletred: Comments or notes with links left outside of this journal will not be counted. Once you have commented, please copy and paste a link to the comment in a reply to this journal: FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment?

:bulletred: Only constructive comments will count towards being placed.

:bulletred: Our rules apply. Please indicate you are commenting on behalf of ProjectComment as well. For ways to do so, click here.

:bulletred: We will not be accepting works that are overly sexual or contain mature content, and we will not accept literature pieces that exceed 60 lines of text. If you see yourself submitting fan fiction, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee any comments about the content as we may not be familiar with the fandom.

Comment Wars #6!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in Round 4 of Comment Wars! taibossigai's personal pick of the most constructive comment was written by Erynnia here with the explanation that, 

I really liked Erynnia's comment best - even though she didn't follow the usual recommended sandwich format, it helped me zero in on things that should be fixed, and provides a nice list that I can come back to and find again rather than having to scan whole sentences to find the details."

Congratulations Erynnia! :clap:

Before we announce the positions for this week, please take note that in this war, there is no such thing as 'bad' comments. Competition is fierce, which is why 4th and 5th positions are 'danger zones'. New comment combatants may take the place of 4th or 5th position depending on the comments made.

Meanwhile, war is still among us! Placed in positions are...

1. violetice
2. ZtheSOI
3. SolarLunix
4. Erynnia
5. PrincessScissors

More than 10 people participated, so, we'll be randomly choosing 50% of them to receive one constructive comment! La la la la

violetice , you're up next! For those in positions 2-5, if you would like to ascend one position, please make sure to comment on the piece below! Remember, fail to comment and you will lose your spot. Fail to comment constructively and you will move down in position!

Enter Now!

To enter the Comment Wars, comment constructively on this piece:
Crash Landing by violetice
Once you have commented, copy and paste a link to the comment in a reply to this journal.

Let the games begin! :eager:

Comment Wars #7 ends Tuesday, February 16th, 12:00am pacific time. Results and a new round will be announced Sunday, February 21st.
ProjectComment is a group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the DeviantArt community. In order to support those efforts, we encourage everyone to write comments that are as constructive as possible. Because this is no easy feat, our admins are willing to support you in writing those constructive comments. So, if you are interested in improving your commenting to help others, consider contacting a comment coach for suggestions, advice and more!

Note one of the comment coaches below with the following:

:bulletgreen: Links to your comments and/or the deviations containing your comments, or feel free to note a comment coach before commenting! FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment?
:bulletgreen: Questions for the comment coach.
:bulletgreen: Additional thoughts and opinions.

Our Comment Coaches! (:bulletred: - Unavailable / :bulletgreen: - Available)
:note: Even though we have listed available times, we do not guarantee that responses will be immediate. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. If you would like immediate assistance, please note the group.

:bulletgreen: Contact Astrikos!
Days Available: Monday
Times Available: 5:30PM - 9:00PM - Pacific Time
Specifically skilled in Traditional Art, Photography, Poetry

:bulletgreen: Contact astarayel!
Days Available: Sunday
Times Available: 5:00AM - 8:00AM - Pacific Time

:bulletgreen: Contact DTKinetic!
Days Available: Any day
Times Available: Eastern Time - West Europe & Americas Only
Specifically skilled in Digital Art, Literature

:bulletgreen: Contact Kaotic-Cass!
Days Available: Any day
Times Available: 7:00PM Onwards - Pacific Time
Specifically skilled in Traditional Art, Illustration

:bulletgreen: Contact meaty-nosebleeds!
Days Available: Any day except Wednesday and Saturday
Times Available: UTC +12

:bulletgreen: Contact QBeagle!
Days Available: Weekdays Only
Times Available: Eastern Time
Specifically skilled in Traditional Pencil and Pen, Comic Inspired Line Art

:bulletgreen: Contact SolidMars!
Days Available: Any day
Times Available: 4:00PM Onwards UTC +3
Specifically skilled in Literature

:bulletgreen: Contact 3wyl!
Days Available: Any day
Times Available: 6:00AM - 6:00PM - Pacific Time
Specifically skilled in Photography, Literature

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you! :love:

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