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ProjectComment is a group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the DeviantArt community. Our mission is to encourage the development of a culture of exchanging constructive comments within the DeviantArt community, for the benefit of all its members!

As many of our members have discovered, there is great opportunity for improvement in both giving and receiving comments! This feature will spotlight a few of the amazing members of ProjectComment for an entire month: every week they will answer a different question to showcase their experience with giving and receiving comments and how that has improved their experiences as artists and in the DeviantArt community in general. :heart:

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How has providing comments to others helped you to improve your own art? How has it changed your experience here at DeviantArt?

:iconblue-f-phoenix: ~ Blue-F-Phoenix
Mostly by looking at more art out there. It's very inspirational to see what other people are doing. Before joining ProjectComment, I was mostly using DeviantArt to look at some art here and there and wasn't that active. But this group has completely changed my view of DeviantArt.

I've met many great people through here and am really enjoying the interaction. So far, just about 99% of people have been exceptionally supportive and sweet.

:iconiroken: ~ Iroken
A lot of personal growth comes from commenting on other works. It inherently benefits the person that you comment to in some way, but also gives you perspective. By focusing on what someone did correctly or incorrectly, I began to see respective things in my art much more clearly and with more frequency. If someone made the fingers too long in their drawing, or accidentally left something out, or wrote a wonderfully vivid description in their novel, I can draw on those things I noticed and apply them to what I do.

I also become aware that everyone is constantly improving, and I needn't be shy if I come up with a flop (or twenty). And even if I do, there's people that lead me in the right direction, whether it's through direct constructive comments or in a more indirect manner by giving said comments.

:iconnarutocrypt: ~ NarutoCrypt
Providing comments to others improved my own skill by allowing me to take a deeper look into the problems and strengths that other artists have. Critiquing has been so fun for me, so I always take something with me no matter how exciting or dull the piece I critique is.

It changed my overall DeviantArt experience by giving me something to talk about other than my normal life as an artist.

:iconninorabbi: ~ Ninorabbi
Providing comments to others is a nice way to get to know them better, their intention and maybe their ways of working (sometimes a comment leads to another and so on). Sometimes I just appreciate a work of art and want to express my first impression and thoughts on it.

Also as I am honest and as DeviantArt tells you at the beginning: There is no way others will get to see your works if you dont watch out for other´s works, and action sometimes produces a reaction, so thats what keeps DeviantArt alive.

:iconscorpion016: ~ scorpion016
Commenting always reminds me of how to critique art.  I have to train myself to look for something to improve on, which I don't always do with my own pieces.  It helps me to slow down, sit back, and go through a list of checks and boxes: is the composition alive? Colors used to highlight focal points? Lighting consistent? etc.

Since I know someone will be checking my art  for these problems, I figure I should fix them before they have to look for them, because I don't like going back to it when I'm done!

Commenter Bios and Art

Blue-F-Phoenix - I'm a Japanese artist. I love dark and mysterious art that tells a story :-)

Iroken - Even though I have terrible Icanneverfinishanything-itis, I'm always overflowing with new ideas and with jokes that are guaranteed to make your eyes roll.

NarutoCrypt - I'm an aspiring artist and character designer. My greatest passion is creating characters through the medium of digital art. I began learning about art through simplistic cartoons, but let my art talents evolve through more complicated art forms.

Ninorabbi - I am Nicolas Rivero, an Austrian illustrator based in Vienna. I studied architecture, now I work on children books, maps, small magazine stuff, logos, portraits and eventually expose at some comiccon, sometimes work at some architecture studio and draw building plans. At the moment I am trying to create my first comic book, an architectural graphic novel, which is new and exiting for me :)

scorpion016 - Sam Burns is a digital artist who utilizes technology to produce his works.  By mixing various programs, artificial intelligence, and paint simulation into his workflow, he creates highly unique pieces.  He is most known for his shocking color use, which he does because he is partially colorblind.

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You can suggest anyone and everyone at any time and include as many nominations as you want in one note. All nominations will be taken into consideration--if your nomination isn't featured immediately, it may still be featured in a future news article!

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